Understand RFID Standards is a resource dedicated to helping you understand the need for and use of standards associated with Radio Frequency identification (RFID).

This site's goal is to provide you with a way to have easy access to the standardization process in the world of RFID. You will be able to learn what is happening and decide if you need to get involved.

I am Steve Halliday, president of High Tech Aid in Gibsonia, PA. I have been involved with AIDC (Automatic identification and Data Capture) technologies since about 1980. My company web site is at http://www.hightechaid.com and you can learn a lot more there. I am the 2010 Richard R. Dilling award winner in recognition of outstanding contributions that have furthered the growth of the industry through important applications and new technological developments. The award is given by AIM.

I am the convenor of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31/WG 4/SG 3, co chair of EPCglobal's Hardware Action Group and TSC (Technical Standards Committee).  I have been involved in the standards world for many years and sit on many committees in the world of AIDC.

If you have questions send them to steve@understanddatacapture.com

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