Standards Update – 4 – February 2011

This month there are a series of ISO RFID standards meetings taking place in Sarasota, FL USA.  The fourth meeting was SC 31/WG 4/SG 1.  This committee is responsible for RFID Data Protocol standards .

This committee has several standards in ballot at this time (ISO/IEC 15961-1, 15962, 24753) and several Comment Resolution Meetings announced for standards that have completed their latest ballot (ISO/IEC 24791-3 and -5).  For more details of how the ISO process works see:

The committee heard several presentations and looked at several areas of work including:

File Management:  As assistance to the work in WG 7 on ISO/IEC 29167, this group has spent considerable time looking at the best way to implement file management in an RFID tag.

Library Systems: The use of RFID in libraries has increased dramatically and ISO 28560 sets a standard for this application. This standard refers to the standards of WG 4/SG 1 and has helped to identify where improvements can be made to the ISO/IEC 15961/2 standards can be made.

ISO/IEC 24791-4: “Software System Infrastructure: Part 4 Application Interface”. This standard was withdrawn some time back, but a demonstration by the Korean National Body of an approach to solve the problems may result in a new work item proposal being submitted.

Steve Halliday
Feb 18, 2011